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Why Independent?



Commercial Equine


Employed by a feed manufacturer, normally only allowed to recommend their brand

Independent Equine Nutritionist:

Gained experience probably as a commercial nutritionist, now working independently across all feed brands and able to recommend the most suitable diet for your horse, whatever the brand

Why Independent?


Having worked as a commercial Equine Nutritionist at an elite level for one of the UK's leading feed manufacturers was without a doubt one of the strongest foundations & groundings I could have received as a nutritionist. It made me far more than just a 'scientist' working practically in a wide variety of yards every day seeing 1000s of horses a year.  

It's like anything you do with horses, if you spend hours in the saddle day in, day out, with the correct training you become an extremely proficient rider; it is no different as a nutritionist. Qualifications are great, but alone they are not enough. A great nutritionist will not only have qualifications, but also will have spent hours practically working across all disciplines and with differing breed types and life stages. This applies to both commercial and independent nutritionists. 

Where the two types of nutritionists really do differ is that through becoming truly independent, normally with a superb commercial grounding you have access to a far greater spectrum of feed. This means you can freely recommend whichever feed best fits the horse in front of you as opposed to being targeted on selling a particular brand. Clients understand that through paying for a service they really are getting the most tailored diet for their horse. The result is honest, reliable yet knowledgeable advice with years of experience you can trust. 

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