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About Donna

Donna Case Independent Equine Nutritionist

Diet in the Performance Horse

Equine Digestive Health

Diet for Clinical Conditions

Feeding for Lifestage

Elimination Diets

Donna's Story


Donna has over 10 years experience as an Equine Nutritionist. She has during this time appeared in many of the UK's leading equestrian publications including:-

  • Horse & Hound Magazine

  • British Dressage Magazine

  • British Eventing Magazine

  • Absolute Horse Magazine

  • Your Horse Magazine

  • Horse & Rider Magazine

  • Eventing Magazine

During her time as a nutritionist she has worked not only in high performance yards, but also at high profile events themselves in the stable areas on call. The stable areas worked in as a nutritionist, some for many years in a row include:-

  • Badminton Horse Trials (FEI CCI ****)

  • Blair Horse Trials (FEI CCI ***)

  • Bramham Horse Trials (FEI CCI ***)

  • British Dressage National Winter Dressage Championships

  • Olympia The London International Horse Show

  • Royal Windsor Horse Show

  • Sandringham Driving Trials

Donna's story began when she entered a competition in Pony Magazine in 1998 when she was just 14. After receiving her 'Feeding Diploma' (which she still has kept all these years) she made it her mission to become an Equine Nutritionist at the highest level; specifically to help as many horses as possible.

After graduating Donna started her career working for one of the UK's leading horse feed manufacturers. Originally as a Care-Line Nutritionist she was the main point of call for one horse owners who needed help & support across three different brands.

Within 18 months Donna went on to become their Competition Nutritionist for the South of England. During this time she was nutritionist to many of the UK's leading eventers, dressage riders and show jumpers sorting the diets for elite level horses day in, day out.

In 2006 she also went on to become one of the nutritionists for the British Equestrian Federation, Team GBR and World Class Start, Potential & Performance squads in the disciplines of Eventing and Dressage due to her capacity as a commercial nutritionist and the brand she worked with. Working with team vets, physiotherapists, and coaches as a professional in her own right was a huge honour and one which pushed her practical application of equine nutrition to the highest level. Donna worked with Team GBR from 2006-2010 which included working with the UK equestrian squads sent to Hong Kong for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.​

Although Donna has worked with horses and riders competing at an Olympic level one thing will always remain; her love of all horses. Now completely independent of any feed or supplement company Donna runs her independent equine nutrition consultancy out of Newmarket, UK, operating both nationally and internationally. These days the majority of her clients are owners/riders wanting the very best for their horses but who can trust the independent advice they are receiving comes from someone with extensive industry knowledge and experience. 

"My aim is to demystify the haze which seems to surround feeding horses. I want to provide the best possible advice in the most simplest form that people can not only apply the day I visit, but a long time after I have left. Above all else my love for horses and wanting the very best for them remains at the forefront of my heart."

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