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"Donna's ability to take any equine from family pony up to elite level team horse & apply the scientific principles practically, in an easy to understand way for rider, trainer & owner separates her as world class in her field"

Amanda Holloway
BHSI (Reg'd) BE Accredited Coach
Independent Equine Nutritionist
Meet Donna


Located in Newmarket, UK but working both nationally and internationally Donna has over 10 years experience as an equine nutritionist. She has appeared in many of the UK's leading equestrian publications including:-

  • Horse & Hound Magazine

  • British Dressage Magazine

  • British Eventing Magazine

  • Eventing Magazine

Why Might You Need an Independent Nutritionist?

Ever felt like you are stuck in a feeding rut but you know if you ring a feed company they will just recommend their own products? Is that the best it can be for your horse? Then there are supplements too... What a minefield that becomes. Should you even feed one? What about forage? Hay? Haylage? Hay replacer? How much?!


This is why you need an independent equine nutritionist to go through it all. Truth is there are many reasons as to why you may go independent, but one thing you can rely on is it will be totally unbiased, meaning the best for your horse.

Independent Equine Nutritionist
Independent Equine Nutritionist
"My aim is to demystify the haze which seems to surround feeding horses. I want to provide the best possible advice in the most simple form that people can apply not only the day I visit, but a long time after I have left. Above all else my love for horses and wanting the very best for them remains at the forefront of my heart."

Donna Case BSc (Hons)
Independent Equine Nutritionist
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